The name of a Parisian street comes with every single GRECO's collection, like "Bucy" from "Rue de Bucy, Paris 75006".
A flower market, neatly lined up vegetables, Cafes to have a nice conversation.
In such a vibrant street, a young woman dressed in a mauve colored overall strolls around.
The soft touch of the pashmina stole pushed in her big leather bag, the shade of her shirt, everything blends in the cityscape of Bucy street as she walks breezily in a most refined way.
A poet is inspired by that woman's figure. He tells his partner making shirts in a workshop about his day and the beauty of that woman.
This is the design inspiration of a jewel coming straight from Paris.
With a technical craft of gold, metal, semi-precious stone, and named after the street and the woman who inspired the jewel.